E-bulletin: Enter the Dragons

Check out Philip’s comment piece on Liam Byrne’s new book on entrepreneurship, Dragons.

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3 Reasons Entrepreneurship Is the Best Career Path for Women

This week I’ve written about why I think female entrepreneurship is the last piece of the puzzle for female empowerment. Austen and Scarlett O’Hara feature too…

5 Handy Tricks to Truly Achieve Balance Between Your Life and Your Work According to Top Entrepreneurs

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Richard Hilton, Founder of Gymbox at the Leap 100 Breakfast

Gymbox founder Richard Hilton stumbled upon the idea for his company as a skinny 19-year-old living in New York and working in advertising, as we found out at a recent Leap 100 roundtable.

He wanted to bulk up. “The Americans were having a lot more success with women than I was because they were all huge,” he explained. He signed up to a gym, but was uninspired and lost enthusiasm after three months. Then he came across Crunch…

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Fat Cat Pay Reforms? You’ve Gotta Be Kitten Me!

Our latest e-bulletin on the suggested imposition of pay ratios at the top 900 companies in the UK,  events and news & views!

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P4ssw0rd is Incorrect

Philip writes about what businesses need to do to adhere to the new data regulations in this week’s e-bulletin!

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Stamp It Out

Check out our weekly e-bulletin for Philip’s comments on why Stamp Duty is gumming up the UK housing market, and how this is affecting entrepreneurs. Also in our there we’ve got news & views and upcoming events.

Also if you get in touch with me if you want to feature in my latest Inc. article and you’re either working in an industry that entrepreneurs are trying to shake up. Or if you’re one of those entrepreneurs, trying to shake up an industry adverse to change.

The Google Memo Disaster Only Happened Because it Took Place in Silicon Valley

“If I made some of the comments I make in the U.K., in the Valley, it would be the equivalent of openly farting.”

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And listen to my comments on The Economist’s podcast, Money Talks, at 9 minutes 20 seconds.

Elite Business Interview with The Entrepreneurs Network’s founder, Philip Salter about Life Outside the EU

As the undisputed innovation hub in Europe, Britain and her startups will maintain a healthy relationship with the rest of Europe’s tech hubs.

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People & Productivity

Philip explores the productivity puzzle with prominent entrepreneurs. The conclusion? People are key to productivity.

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