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Busuu Founder, Bernhard Niesner at The Leap 100 Breakfast

We’re a nation of monoglots. Despite spending countless hours learning languages at school, many of our efforts are wasted. Through the power of technology and its social network, the London based company Busuu is trying to change that. But Bernhard Niesner’s ambitions are necessarily global, as he explained at a recent Leap 100 breakfast… Read… Read more »

Curious Incidence

If I could teach the world one thing it wouldn’t be to sing in perfect harmony; instead, I would like us all to be more alert to the unintended consequences of our actions. This would apply to many areas of our lives and public policy – everything from charitable giving, prohibitions on drugs and the… Read more »

I’m lovin’ it: The Founder review

“If any of my competitors were drowning, I’d put a hose in their mouth and turn on the water.” So says the pugnacious Ray Croc in “The Founder” – a film focusing on the automation and standardisation of the franchise McDonald’s in 1950s USA. Croc (played by Michael Keaton) is determined to the point of ruthless,… Read more »

Huffington Post article: Small Business Taskforce is a big force for good

The Huffington Post has reported on the Small Business Taskforce – a group of 14 business bodies (including The Entrepreneurs Network) who have come together to ensure Britain remains a start-up friendly country after Brexit. The Small Business Taskforce is calling on the new government to work out trade buy ativan from canada deals, budgets and immigration… Read more »

Philip Salter talks visas, Osborne and women’s entrepreneurship on The Seed & EIS Hour

In an interview with The Seed & EIS Hour, Philip Salter, director of The Entrepreneurs Network, explains why women-led businesses often struggle to reach the same economic scale as those run by men; why the Chancellor’s 2016 Budget was broadly good for entrepreneurs; and why, if there was one thing the UK government buy ativan cheap could do… Read more »