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Leap 100 Power Breakfast with Richard Hilton, Founder, Gymbox

Title tbc Leap 100 Power Breakfasts Leap 100 Power Breakfasts are small, informal affairs. We restrict them to around 18 people – mostly the founders of Leap 100 companies. Our principal guest kicks off with roughly 10 minutes of introductory remarks; a light breakfast is served; and ideas and experiences are exchanged. Sponsored by Mishcon de Reya… Read more »

Why letting go matters: Philip Salter’s interview with entrepreneur Charlie Mowat

Around the Leap 100 roundtable, most people would admit to being control freaks. However, as Charlie Mowat points out, there comes a time when your start-up is simply too big to micromanage and, as a founder, you need to hand over responsibility. For Mowat, this meant hiring heads of department, focusing on strategy rather than day-to-day affairs… Read more »

The Challenges of Fast Growth

There are aspects of running a business that you can’t really discuss with your employees. I’ve been in digital media for a decade, in startups for nearly eight years, each of which have grown from 2 or 3 people to 50 within 24 months. And that process has brought certain challenges around hiring, firing, building… Read more »

On a mission to make coffee a force for good

Thank you for inviting me to speak on leading with my mission. It was interesting to hear the missions of the entrepreneurs sat around this table. Yet around half aimed to grow a certain amount in a certain timeframe, and this is to misunderstand what a mission is. We all have objectives and goals. A… Read more »

In conversation with Unruly founder Sarah Wood

Video ad tech company Unruly hit the big time and the headlines in September when it was sold to News Corp for a reported £114m. The deal will mean up to £68m in proceeds for the company’s co-founders – Scott Button, Matt Cooke, and Sarah Wood. While the tech startup scene is often dominated by… Read more »

In conversation with the entrepreneur giving kids credit

Alick Varma – Osper founder and member of the Leap 100 – speaks to our programmes director Annabel Denham about his mission to change the world. In her Huffington Post interview with the inspirational entrepreneur, Annabel writes: “Investors are showing a growing interest in the double bottom line. As Mishcon de Reya partner Charlotte Davidson… Read more »

Experiences of a female entrepreneur

It’s interesting being asked to talk about “Trailblazing Women: Challenges Facing Female Entrepreneurs,” because for the first six or seven years working at Unruly gender wasn’t something I considered. I wasn’t really aware of the broader context because I was just getting on and building a business. I had come from a career in academia,… Read more »

Experiences of an impact entrepreneur

When I was 11 years old, my parents sat me down and said: “Alick, we’d like to talk to you about the P&L of your life”. I responded by asking what a “P” and an “L” were. They explained how much money was being brought into the household, how much was being spent on me,… Read more »

The rise and rise of crowdfunding

Following on from a Power Breakfast with Seedrs co-founder Jeff Lynn earlier this month, our director Philip Salter has addressed the role crowdfunding plays in creating a society where more people feel the benefits of capitalism. “The UK arguably has the best regulation in the world around crowdfunding. It’s light clear and the Financial Conduct… Read more »