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Open Letter to the Next Prime Minister

In our view, there should have been immediate plans to boost British businesses in the manifestos. The next Government, regardless of its political persuasion, must prioritise support of the millions of start-ups, scale-ups and entrepreneurs around the UK. These are the job creators that will continue to fuel the economy, improve productivity, exploit trade opportunities,… Read more »

We can’t afford to lose the Enterprise Investment Scheme

Lord Howard Flight recently wrote an article for Conservative Home, stressing the importance of continuing the Enterprise Investment Scheme. The EIS offers tax incentives for high risk equity investment in SMEs, and has been crucial to the success of entrepreneurship in Britain over the last decade. Flight references the Entrepreneurs Network’s study – which found… Read more »

The Autumn Statement – three entrepreneurs react

As the new chancellor has just released his first Autumn Statement, Philip Salter interviews three entrepreneurs to see how they think it will impact small businesses, freelancers and the self-employed. Overall, although the chancellor’s commitment to honour the drop in corporation tax will be welcomed by many, there are still concerns that particularly small companies will be vulnerable… Read more »

£400m venture capital boost will help, but we need to support growing firms even more

Chancellor Philip Hammond announced in the Autumn statement his plan to pump £400m of venture capital funds into the British Business Bank, unlocking £1bn of new finance for growing firms. Philip Salter responded in an article for Real Business: Philip Salter, director of The Entrepreneurs Network, said: “£400m into venture capital funds through the British Business… Read more »

Introducing the Small Business Taskforce

Over the past five years, the UK has become one of the best places in the world to start and grow a business. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor puts the UK at number one in Europe and number four globally. This has been enabled by the low costs of start-up entry, accessible technology, a flexible economy and a positive attitude towards self-starters and entrepreneurship; from… Read more »

Skills, scale ups and the Northern Powerhouse

I want to do my part as chair of the Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) Select Committee to encourage you, as entrepreneurs, to voice concerns into government when I’m interrogating the Secretary of State. I want to understand what concerns you have about barriers to your business. I have a number of key priorities that… Read more »

Osborne’s Autumn Statement: Good News for Entrepreneurs

I felt sorry for Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell when he approached the dispatch box today to respond to George Osborne’s Autumn Statement, our director Philip Salter writes in his latest Forbes column. Many of his planned rebuttals – on tax credits or police spending, for example – were dud. “But entrepreneurs and business owners in… Read more »

What Labour’s Manifesto means for entrepreneurs

Manifestos are like buses: slow and rather dull. Labour’s Manifesto, which was launched today, proved no different. If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Labour supporter you’ll be content enough with the content. While if you’re political predilections swing the other way, the Manifesto won’t be enough to persuade you to cancel that one-way ticket to Monaco on… Read more »

March Budget 2015: Good news for entrepreneurs?

As TEN director Philip Salter writes in his Forbes column this week, the one thing that stands out from this year’s Budget is the Chancellor’s relentless commitment towards supporting UK entrepreneurs. What we have, he writes, is a government obsessed with “innovation” and “growth”. The Budget contains details on more incubators, the introduction of an apprenticeship voucher… Read more »

Entrepreneurs’ Relief is worth defending

Defenders of Entrepreneurs’ Relief are on the back foot. In the corridors of power, rumblings have been heard that this tax relief is under threat. As entrepreneur Guy Mucklow writes in City A.M.: “Originally introduced by Labour seven years ago, the Entrepreneurs’ relief lifetime allowance was doubled by the coalition government to £10m in March… Read more »