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Open Letter to the Next Prime Minister

In our view, there should have been immediate plans to boost British businesses in the manifestos. The next Government, regardless of its political persuasion, must prioritise support of the millions of start-ups, scale-ups and entrepreneurs around the UK. These are the job creators that will continue to fuel the economy, improve productivity, exploit trade opportunities,… Read more »

Why Uber drivers lose out when they drop their self-employed status

Uber drivers have won the right to be classed as workers rather than self-employed. If the company’s appeal against this decision fails, this will obviously be bad for consumers – who would be faced with fewer drivers and therefore higher costs – but it will also be bad for drivers. And most Uber drivers know… Read more »

Roundtable: Transformation of the commercial property market

Philip Salter attended the a roundtable on the transformation of the property market, which was written up by Yessi Bello Perez of Tech City News: “Philip Salter, director of The Entrepreneurs Network – a think tank for growing businesses and entrepreneurs – said there is a shortage of office space in cities such as London. “The… Read more »

Skills, scale ups and the Northern Powerhouse

I want to do my part as chair of the Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) Select Committee to encourage you, as entrepreneurs, to voice concerns into government when I’m interrogating the Secretary of State. I want to understand what concerns you have about barriers to your business. I have a number of key priorities that… Read more »

Going it alone in the gig economy

Freelancing can be enormously rewarding. The opportunity of working flexible hours, being your own boss and, above all, doing your own thing can be exhilarating and offer a sense of wellbeing that you may not have had from your regular job. Indeed, according to the RSA, 84% of people who are self-employed are more satisfied… Read more »

Singapore: Still the best place in the world to do business

The World Bank’s annual Doing Business report has again placed Singapore in top position for doing business. The UK came in sixth place, the US in seventh, but Blighty isn’t the best place to do business in Europe: that honour went to Denmark. Doing Business 2016 presents quantitative indicators on business regulations and the protection… Read more »

Uber is safe, cheap and innovative. So why the TfL crackdown?

Uber is facing a massive crackdown after a new Transport for London consultation proposed new regulations that would ban some of the minicab-hailing app’s key features. It’s bad enough that our government should want to regulate against the public interest and limit innovation to protect black cab drivers from competition from Uber and similar firms,… Read more »

What Labour’s Manifesto means for entrepreneurs

Manifestos are like buses: slow and rather dull. Labour’s Manifesto, which was launched today, proved no different. If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Labour supporter you’ll be content enough with the content. While if you’re political predilections swing the other way, the Manifesto won’t be enough to persuade you to cancel that one-way ticket to Monaco on… Read more »

Green Belts increase business rents too

If you’ve picked up a newspaper or turned on a radio or TV today then the chances are you’ve read or heard about the Adam Smith Institute’s latest research paper – The Green Noose: An analysis of Green Belts and proposals for reform. A section of the paper considers the impact of Green Belts upon… Read more »