Kathryn Parsons

Kathryn Parsons


Kathryn co-founded Decoded in January 2011, with a mission to demystify the technologies behind the screen. Famous for teaching anyone Code in a Day, her face-to-face and online learning experiences span code, data, cyber security, machine learning and lean methodologies.

Decoded now have offices in London, New York and Sydney and have since taught tens of thousands of people across every industry and sector in over 45 different cities worldwide.

Kathryn is championing the agenda of women and technology, specifically encouraging professional women to be digitally literate and confident so as not to be excluded from what she believes is the hybrid skill-set of the future.

Kathryn studied Latin and Ancient Greek at Cambridge University. A self-confessed language lover she also dabbled in Japanese, Mandarin, Italian and French to name a few.

For her code was just another language, one that affects the lives of billions.