Henrietta Morrison

Henrietta Morrison


Henrietta Morrison is founder and CEO of Lily’s Kitchen, the independent, British producer of natural and nutritious pet food that has transformed the pet food category with its award-winning range of proper food for pets.

The brand takes its name from Henrietta’s border terrier, Lily, who battled with itchy skin and ears due to the low quality, processed food she was eating.

Like most pet owners, Henrietta was unaware of the detrimental effect Lily’s diet was having so she consulted her vet brother, Bob, who analysed the contents of the food. Shocked by the results, Henrietta decided to cook all of Lily’s meals from scratch using nourishing and natural ingredients. The transformation in Lily’s health was immediate.

Henrietta spent two years working with a range of vets, nutritionists, cooks, dog lovers and taste testers, to create the basis of the Lily’s Kitchen product range, which launched to consumers in 2008. Since then, Lily’s Kitchen has continued to develop and innovate the current range as well as introduce new recipes.

In the eight years of trading, Lily’s Kitchen has grown from just Henrietta creating dog food recipes in her home kitchen to a team of 50 (plus numerous cat and dog tasters) with £20 million of retail sales. Despite this, Lily’s Kitchen still very much remains a local company, based in Hampstead, North London where Lily enjoys her walks every day on the heath.