Baroness Kramer

Baroness Kramer


Baroness (Susan) Kramer began her career in finance, rising to become a VP of Citibank in Chicago. After returning to the UK, Susan and her husband set up a number of partnerships including Future Water International which constructed a waste-water treatment scheme in rural Hungary and Infrastructure Capital Partners which advised on infrastructure finance in Central and Eastern Europe.

Susan joined the Liberal Democrats in 1993 and was a Liberal Democrat candidate for the Parliamentary seat of Dulwich and West Norwood in 1997 and for the European Parliament in 1999.

In 2000, Susan was the Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London. In 2005, she was elected MP for her constituency of Richmond Park, losing the seat in 2010. During her time in the Commons she was in turn a member of the Treasury Select Committee, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for International Development, then Trade & Industry, next Transport, followed by the Duchy of Lancaster and lastly for Heathrow.

Susan was introduced into the House of Lords in 2011, was Minister of State for Transport from October 2013 until the 2015 election and in 2015 Susan was appointed by Tim Farron as the Party Spokesperson for Economics.